The Effective And Comfortable Snoring Solution

VitalSleep is the only customizable and adjustable anti-snoring mouthpiece with the Accu-Adjust System that has helped over 400,000 snorers get a restful night’s sleep. Try it for 30 days and only $7.95!


Try now for $7.95 S&H. If you're happy with it you don't have to do anything. If not returned after 30 days a one-time fee of $59.95 will be billed to the credit card used today.

Get Restful, Quiet Sleep The First Night

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Relieve your snoring and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep without costly doctor visits or uncomfortable contraptions.

How It Works For Better Sleep

1. Order Your VitalSleep

Your mouthpiece will ship the same day when ordered by 3pm EST for fast delivery.

2. Mold To Your Mouth

Easy self-molded fitting process creates custom teeth impressions for a comfortable and secure fit.

3. Adjust The Lower Tray

Position the lower jaw forward based on your snoring intensity to open your airway.

4. Wear To Bed And Get Restful Sleep

Go to sleep and wake up feeling well rested.

How Is VitalSleep Different?

VitalSleep’s unique features have helped snorers for 10 years. It allows for an adjustable, customized, and comfortable sleeping experience to help you get better sleep.

Custom Teeth Impressions For A Personalized Fit

Large Opening For Easy Breathing

Advances Jaw Up To 8mm To Open The Airway and for Improve Breathing

Low Profile Design For Comfort

Patented Adjustment System Opens The Airway By Advancing The Jaw

FDA-Cleared And Proudly Made In The USA

How Does VitalSleep Help?

Improved airflow in and out of your lungs throughout the night with the adjustability to treat the severity of your snoring.

Get the quality, restorative sleep you need to feel rested and productive.
​Your bedpartner will also experience the benefits of uninterrupted sleep.
​Days full of promise, as you awake feeling more alert, refreshed, and focused.

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VitalSleep treats the cause of snoring with the patented Accu-Adjust System that precisely moves the jaw and tongue forward to open your airway, allowing for improved breathing and quiet sleep.


Try it for 30 days for only $7.95 S&H. If you decide to keep it simply do nothing and 30 days following your shipment your credit card will be charged a one-time fee of $59.95.

See What Our Customers Have Said…

Our goal is to help you improve your sleep.

VitalSleep has been a blessing. Before using this product I spent the night restless and waking up every few hours. Within days of using the mouthpiece, my snoring stopped, and I was able to sleep through the night. My wife has noticed a major difference in her own sleep patterns as she doesn’t wake during the night because of me.

Ross Kuykendall
Prattville, AL

I have been using your Vital Sleep mouthpiece and had great success in minimizing my snoring. My snoring has been reduced so much it inspired my husband to get one too. After 8 years of marriage we are finally able to share a bed again without one of us ending up on the couch!

Sonya Porter
Oxford, KS

Breathe More, Snore Less

Guaranteed to effectively reduce snoring.
Adjustable jaw positioning and custom teeth impressions.
FDA-cleared to reduce snoring.
Free replacements for any reason for 2 years.
Try it for 30 days. Pay only $7.95 today.
Free postage-paid return label provided.
FDA-cleared and made in the USA from FDA-approved materials.


Ships the same day

Try it for 30 days for only $7.95 S&H. If you decide to keep it simply do nothing and 30 days following your shipment your credit card will be charged a one-time fee of $59.95.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VitalSleep work?
VitalSleep’s lower tray is adjustable to advance the lower jaw in 1 mm increments to open the airway. Breathing will improve and snoring will be reduced.
How effective is VitalSleep?
VitalSleep has been available for 10 years. It has worked for hundreds of thousands of users and works for 9 out of 10 users. Its life expectancy is 2 years or longer and includes a 2-year warranty.
How do I fit VitalSleep?
Simply immerse in hot water for 45 seconds, and then cool for 3 seconds in cold water. Gently bite down to create your custom teeth impressions. Store VitalSleep in its protective case when not in use. VitalSleep can be remolded and readjusted multiple times if necessary.
What is VitalSleep made of?
It made in the USA of medical-grade, hypo-allergenic materials that undergo strict production guidelines for your safety. It doesn’t contain BPA, latex or metal. All materials are FDA-approved for safety in oral appliances.
When will I be charged?
When you order today you will be charged $7.95 (non-refundable). Only after you decide you want to keep it will you be charged $59.95. Please contact us within 30 days at or visit to avoid being charged for it. We will provide you with a postage-paid return label if you decide not to keep the device
How soon will I receive it?
We ship the same business day by USPS First Class Mail from our warehouse in New Jersey. You will receive your order within 2-4 business days. We also ship to countries outside the USA for the same price and your order will arrive in approximately 7-20 days.
What is your guarantee?
Your satisfaction is our goal. It includes a 2-year warranty that covers free replacements for any reason. If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, simply contact us within 30 days and you will be not be charged any additional costs besides the original S&H cost.

30-Night Risk-Free Trial & 2-Year Warranty

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied, let us know within 30 nights and you won’t be charged. We even provide free return labels.